In terms of a rough breakdown of my plan for the current phase I expect a typical week to look something like this:

Given my injuries in the last few months of 2020 I need to make sure I’m not overdoing things so I plan to have 2 clear rest days each week (e.g. yoga or very light, non-load-bearing cardio like cycling) and then get in high quality sessions the other 5 days.

The plan has me running a minimum of 3 days per week plus 2 additional days of strength training, though I may end up squeezing in some short easy runs on those days too.

I plan to operate on a 4 week cycle with 3 hard weeks followed by a recovery week, before starting the next cycle. I can flex this during recovery weeks / hard weeks as follows:

  • Recovery week – shorten the long run (vs previous weeks) and make interval sessions shorter and / or less intense
  • Hardest week (prior to recovery week) – additional cardio on one of the 5 days (likely to be Saturday / Sunday)