I suspect this reference to a rather what antiquated TV show may be lost on many people, but the outcome of my training today again reminded me of the importance of sticking to what the training session says and not overdoing things. These were the 2 messages my watch gave me after my interval session this morning…

Basically I overdid things.

Having completed a 14km run with some 1mile repeats at threshold (heart rate) pace, which took a little over an hour, my watch told me it was a pointless session that is perpetuating a reduction in my fitness and now suggests I take two and a half days off to recover!

Now I know I should take this with a pinch of salt as I should be able to rely on how I feel during and after the run, but the fact is that I wear a HR belt for pretty much all of my training and therefore my wearable technology has a decent view of how hard my body is working and how much stress I’m putting it under.

So next time I will try to drop my effort a bit on these reps (I went as high as 95% max HR on the repeats today) to minimise overtraining.

And then perhaps my watch will start motivating rather than demotivating me!